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Function, operation and main technical parameters of emergency telephone

January 06,2021

1. Function description

1) Wall mounted installation, beautiful appearance, magnetic door cover design;
2) SMC forged shell, strong corrosion resistance, waterproof and dustproof grade up to IP66;
3) It supports sip2.0 protocol and can register two SIP accounts;
4) Support free dialing or off hook automatic dialing;
5) Support automatic connection of incoming calls and start broadcasting;
6) Support external 30W loudspeaker amplifying, and integrated call warning lamp;
7) Support the detection of busy tone take-up;
8) Cooperate with SIP server to realize group call, group call, recording and other functions;
9) Support I / O signal input and output interface;

2. Operation and use

1)Off / on hook mode: off / on hook mode is handle control mode, off hook mode is on, on hook mode is off;
2)Answer the phone : when there is a call, the phone rings, take off the handle, you can talk with the other party, and hang back the handle after the call;
3)Dialing: take off the handle and operate according to the dialing mode of ordinary telephone to communicate with the other party;
4)Amplifying broadcast: when calling, automatically turn on the broadcast ring and light reminder, and start the broadcast call;
Correctional Institute ringdown analog IP Rugged Telephone JWAT130

3. Main technical parameters

1)Support access to all types of network switches and sip broadcast scheduling server;
2)Temperature: – 40 ℃ ~ 75 ℃, relative humidity: 10% ~ 95%, atmospheric pressure: 86 ~ 106 kPa, ambient noise: ≤ 100dB (a);
3)Ringing sound level: ≥ 120dB;
4)Support standard sip2.0 protocol, waterproof Gran RJ45 interface;
5)Built in 30W power amplifier circuit, external loudspeakers for 30W and 24V call warning lights;

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