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Functions of Satellite Road Tunnel Emergency Telephone Broadcasting System

August 21,2020

Expand the broadcast function to control the broadcast of the tunnel without adding optical fiber (share an optical fiber with emergency phone), including single call, slice call, full call and volume adjustment functions. At least two sound sources can be played simultaneously. Can be displayed in linkage with the monitoring screen of the monitoring sub-center tunnel

The remote telephone automatically commands broadcasting and sets up a telephone access port. When incoming calls need broadcasting, press the telephone access key to realize amplification broadcasting of the remote telephone, such as chief telephone and fire alarm telephone.

The broadcast power amplifier is provided with over-voltage and under-voltage protection. After the equipment is turned on, the voltage shall be automatically monitored. If the battery is dead or the voltage is insufficient, the computer in the monitoring center will immediately give an alarm.

The central broadcasting console can call the tunnel power amplifier individually, in sections or in whole.

The central broadcasting console can switch on and off the tunnel power amplifier. When the broadcasting system is turned off, the tunnel extension switches to a power-down state to reduce power consumption and prolong service life.
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The cable broadcasting system and the emergency telephone system can work independently. When the control center calls for broadcasting, the emergency telephone can also be called at the same time. The emergency telephone can be used to monitor the broadcasting effect.
The control center can detect the working state of the tunnel power amplifier.
The broadcasting system is linked with the monitoring system, and when there is an emergency such as a fire, the set broadcasting recording can be automatically requested to the incident place.
The control equipment of the monitoring sub-center and the transmission optical cable are shared with the emergency telephone subsystem, which can be used for full broadcast, multicast and selective broadcast, and can simultaneously play multiple sound sources.

It can be displayed in conjunction with the tunnel monitoring screen of the monitoring sub-center.

With monitoring function, press the load area monitoring key to monitor the broadcast content of the load area and have digital recording function.
Over-voltage and under-voltage protection of the power grid, automatic monitoring of the power grid voltage after the equipment is started, automatic protection when the power grid voltage is lower than 165V or higher than 285V, internal shutdown, output interruption, and monitoring of the power grid voltage. When the voltage returns to normal (170 v ~ 255 v), the equipment will start automatically for about 3 seconds.
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Temperature protection: the equipment will be automatically turned off when the internal temperature of the equipment is too high due to excessive ambient temperature or fan damage, and will be automatically turned on when the internal temperature of the equipment falls below 60℃
Load monitoring, can carry on the remote automatic detection to each terminal load, if there is a fault, it will give an alarm to the host, and will be displayed in the monitoring sub-center.

Networking function: the system is equipped with LAN interface to connect with the monitoring computer network and transmit the system status information such as speaker on/off and fault to the monitoring computer.

Automatic voice warning function, starting the automatic voice system can carry out uninterrupted repeated voice broadcasting.

When the broadcasting power amplifier fails, it can report its failure to the control center at the same time so as to facilitate the maintenance of the broadcasting system.

The power of the broadcasting power amplifier can be customized according to the bidding requirements, and the maximum power cannot exceed 500W W.

Broadcasting power amplifier adopts constant voltage type, which can ensure long communication distance and distortion-free sound quality.
Broadcast amplifier and tunnel speaker have IP65 protection function.

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