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Installation error of explosion proof electrical equipment (1)

January 06,2021

Explosion proof electrical equipment is widely used in coal, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, machinery manufacturing and other industries where explosive gas, steam, combustible dust or fiber and other dangerous substances may appear or gather. According to the survey, 60% – 80% of the explosion and fire accidents are caused by improper installation and use of electrical equipment. The common mistakes in the installation of explosive electrical equipment are as follows:

Mistake 1: using packing plug instead of sealing ring can meet explosion-proof requirements.

In order to facilitate the installation, many installation and construction personnel often directly discard the sealing ring at the mouth of explosion-proof electrical equipment, and use the sealing packing to block it. They also recognize that it can prevent the external explosive gas from entering into the equipment, so as to achieve the goal of anti explosion . In fact, if the sealing packing is directly used in the inlet of flameproof electrical equipment, the explosion-proof performance of the product will be seriously invalid. Only when the packing is used correctly with the corresponding isolation seal box, can the isolation seal effect be achieved.
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