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Main Functions of Roadside Extension/Tunnel Extension

June 28,2020

Emergency phone users can directly communicate with the operator of the emergency phone console, and push-to-talk (easy to operate).

After the user presses the extension button, the sub-unit can automatically send a call to the console host of the monitoring center, and transmit basic information such as the local kilometer mark, up-down direction, etc.

Each emergency phone has a unique address code for uploading to the control center, determining the call location, receiving calls, and detecting.

The console attendant can establish a full duplex call in time after answering.

The console can simultaneously communicate with any two emergency telephone extensions.

Can accept the detection command issued by the console host, check the extension in time and send the detection result to the console host.

Any failure or damage of L or more emergency telephones shall not affect the communication between other emergency telephones and the console.

The extension can automatically send out voice prompt when calling to report the working status of the system.

Can accept all kinds of calls from the console host and automatically release the circuit after the console hangs up.
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When talking, the voice is clear, the voice is loud, and there is no feedback howling.

When the extension is damaged (e.g. the door is illegally opened) or the battery is under-voltage, line failure, etc., the extension can automatically send alarm information to the console host.

It can automatically enter the call and standby working states, reducing power consumption.

The extension has taken various lightning protection measures and has good lightning protection effect.

Broadcasting power amplifier can be switched on and off for communication, and can output audio signals to the broadcasting power amplifier.

The extension is equipped with high-strength imported reflective film luminous signs in the direction of car arrival and car delivery, and the sign pattern and color conform to national standards.

The main circuits inside the main control unit of the system are designed with “hot standby” structure. The main circuit works when the system is normal, and the standby circuit automatically works when the main circuit fails. Using the backup circuit, the system can provide two connection channels at the same time to ensure that the console can communicate with two different roadside extensions at the same time.

The system is provided with lightning protection. The incoming and outgoing ports of the main engine, extension system and each amplification load area shall be connected with lightning protection terminals to prevent the damage to the main engine, extension and each amplification due to the surge generated by lightning induction.
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