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Technical Indicators of Emergency Telephone Console (2)

June 20,2020

16. The on-screen map displays the map sketch according to the scale, and the important sections should have local enlargement function.

17. Emergency telephone collision, damage, open the door, etc., the center can immediately display sound and light alarm signal. When a traffic accident user’s extension calls for an alarm and when the extension is stolen, damaged or malfunctioned, the scene image of the extension appears immediately on the electronic map, so that the alarm can be seen, and the road conditions within 20m of the extension’s ascending and descending directions can also be seen, thus realizing visual dialogue. The console of the monitoring center can accurately judge the nature of the accident and quickly handle the fault. The image can be recorded and stored in the computer, and the statistics can be intelligently queried, providing favorable evidence for accident treatment and monitoring across the line.

18. The change and increase or decrease of roadside emergency telephone equipment within the equipment capacity of the current section can be realized through simple operation of man-machine commands.

19. The department provides an all-Chinese interface with help buttons on all interfaces. All interfaces provide mouse and shortcut keys to adapt to users with different operation habits.

20. The system control host adopts a hot standby design. When the main system fails, the standby system can be put into operation in time to ensure that the system does not interrupt communication.

21. When the operation management computer (PC) fails, the system can maintain the basic call function and store the call information occurring here.

22. The attendant can carry out various tests on the extension at any time, including single extension test, partial extension test and all extension patrol tests. Detection can be carried out at any time or at regular intervals. The test results can be statistically queried by time, place, equipment failure type and other factors, and the results will be displayed and printed out.

23. The operation management computer can carry out various statistical inquiries on traffic accident records, and can carry out comprehensive statistical inquiries according to factors such as time, place, accident type, vehicle type, accident severity, etc. Statistical query results can be displayed and printed in different forms (tables, histograms, pie charts).

24. The operation management computer software is provided with secondary (or above secondary) password management, operator level and maintainer level. Can effectively prevent unauthorized operation and misoperation.
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25. The operation management computer can perform digital recording in time while receiving the alarm call. The recording time is long (more than 5000H/80G), the format is compressed, and it can be searched and played back according to various conditions.

26. It can provide various communication interfaces (RS232/RS485/RJ45, etc.) to connect with the monitoring system computer, open the communication protocol, and timely transmit the working state information of the emergency telephone system to the monitoring system computer. It can also be maintained remotely via the Internet.

27. It can be connected with many other expressways to form ETS network management system for emergency calls. The network management center can implement two control modes of “monitoring” and “monitoring” on the emergency telephone systems of each sub-center, so as to dynamically master the emergency telephone operation in the whole province.

28. Tunnel broadcasting and tunnel emergency telephone should be combined into one, with unified control and management to improve the utilization rate of equipment.

29. Can provide all kinds of information of the tunnel call extension in a timely manner and tunnel camera linkage, in the event of an emergency in the tunnel will automatically camera aimed at the scene.

30. The tunnel broadcast voice can be prerecorded and stored in the computer, and when necessary, the recording can be directly played to the broadcast loudspeaker through the audio output line of the computer.

31.After the system is inserted into the video monitoring module, the caller’s image can be seen at the console of the monitoring center, and the image of road operation in the whole road section can also be seen.
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