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Nouzové telefonování a šikana kampusu

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Emergency telephone means Take an emergency call in condition of fire alarm or emergency situations.

Our Emergency telephones can set the emergency number for one-touch dialing or keypad dialing, which is convenient for quick calls in emergency situations.

For one-touch dialing, Users need only to press the 'push to talk' button to place a call for help .

For keypad dialing, Users can make a call like normally home telephone.

Our material is made of stainless steel which i s Sturdy, weather proof audio widely designed to meet emergency situations.

The Intercom usually used in Clean room, Laboratory, Hospital Isolation areas, Sterile areas, and other restricted environments. Perfect for Elevators/Lifts, Parking lots, Prisons, Railway/Metro platforms, Hospitals, Police stations, ATM machines, Stadiums, Campus, Shopping malls, Doors, Hotels, outside building etc.

For example ,As you know ,now the'' campus bullying '' always happened.In China,recently a famous film''better day ''directed by Derek Tsangand starring Zhou Dongyu and Jackson Yee got a great response as soon as it was released.

The film is adapted from the popular Chinese YA novel In His Youth, In Her Beauty by author Jiu Yuexi. It tells a story of a bullied high school girl and a teenage street thug, how both of their lives were changed by each other.

As this film shows, there is actually a lot of bullying on campus, and emergency calls are essential at this time.Any area with an increased safety risk needs these to enable rapid emergency response.

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