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Advantages of IP PBX (1)

ZEIT: 2022-05-11 HITS: 3


1. Aufnahmefunktion

Compared with traditional PBX, IP PBX have a recording function, which is relatively more practical. For traditional PBX to record, other equipment must be added, and jumpers must be added, which is relatively troublesome, and Maintenance costs are also high.


2. Verdrahtung

The original telephone exchange and each extension need to be pulled from the workstation to the computer room. Now it is different. All voice information can be transmitted through the network, so the network cable can be used, and one The network cable does not mean that only one SIP phone can be used. In theory, there is no limit.

For example, there is a room that was originally not designed as an office location. Now it needs to be used for office work. According to the original traditional switch, wiring is required. If there are 20-30 people, you have to pull so many telephone lines from the computer room. It can be used if there is a network cable. With one network cable, we can connect a small network switch to realize the network and telephone at the same time.

And it can also be done wirelessly by using WIFI. For example, in the original guard room, there are no network cables and telephone lines left, but at the position of the guard, the company's WIFI network can be found, then we can put a WIFI phone to solve the problem. Convenient and beautiful.


3. Intelligente Anwendung

The call records of all extensions ved to the server. The device has its own memory, but only 16G. For large customers, we need to save the recording in the server, so that our phone recordings can be stored in it for a longer time. And it can perform centralized server recording for other IPPBXs of the branch;

Mobile APP, on your mobile phone, download an APP that supports the SIP protocol, it can be registered on the IPPBX, so that your mobile phone becomes an extension, on your mobile phone, you can directly call colleagues, also in the office Among the colleagues, you can directly transfer the call to you.

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