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Κίτρινη προειδοποίηση για κρύο κύμα: Το Jiangxi, το Guangdong και άλλες 4 επαρχίες και περιοχές μπορεί να κρυώσουν τοπικά κατά 14 ℃

ΧΡΟΝΟΣ: 2022-11-30 HITS: 9

Κίτρινη προειδοποίηση για κρύο κύμα: Το Jiangxi, το Guangdong και άλλες 4 επαρχίες και περιοχές μπορεί να κρυώσουν τοπικά κατά 14 ℃

The Central Meteorological Observatory issued a yellow cold wave warning at 06:00 on November 30:


Affected by the cold wave, it is estimated that from 08:00 on November 30 to 08:00 on December 1, the temperature in most of Jiangnan, the southeastern part of Southwest China, and South China will drop by 6-8°C. Among them, southern Jiangxi, southwestern Fujian, and Guangxi In parts of the south and northeastern Guangdong, the temperature can drop by 10°C to 12°C, and locally as high as 14°C. Around December 1st, the minimum temperature line of 0°C will be pressed southward from the northeastern part of Jiangnan to southern Hunan and southern Guizhou. The above-mentioned areas will have northerly winds of magnitude 4 to 6 and gusts of magnitude 7 to 9; the southeastern and southern sea areas of my country will have strong winds of magnitude 7 to 9 and gusts of magnitude 10 to 12.




Defense Guidelines:


1. The government and relevant departments shall do a good job in cold wave prevention according to their duties;


2. Pay attention to adding clothes to keep warm, and take good care of the old, weak and sick;


3. Take cold protection measures for livestock, poultry, tropical and subtropical fruits, related aquatic products, and crops;


4. Do a good job of wind protection.


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