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How to test the PCB board function for industrial call telephone ?

ORDUA: 2020-04-01 HITZAK: 3

Today our workshop is testing the PCB board function for industrial call telephone.

We would like to show the test video to introduce this process.

There will be a test machine which could connect between the PCB board and telephone handset.Using this machie could test whether the PCB board is good or bad.

Ningbo Joiwo is always pay attention to improve the product quality to suitable nowadays market.And we could support OEM & ODM service according to our customers’demand.

If you have any idea about our industrial analog/Voip telephone for ourdoor or indoor ,Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof warmly welcome your baldintza, with professional R&D and years of experienced engineers, we can also tailor our solution to meet your specific business needs.

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