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  • Dub Standing SIP Hloov Network Txee IP PBX 9 Slots Txee

Dub Standing SIP Hloov Network Txee IP PBX 9 Slots Txee

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1. Remove the traditional narrow design of the cabinet, to ensure international standard 19-inch, adaptation servers and equipment.

2. Quality cold-rolled steel, steel hard, durability, thermal reaction, heat resistance.

3. Experienced cabinet engineer, in strict accordance with international standards cut, making it more neat welding, 

    ensure that the finished good shape.

4. Cabinet has two side doors on both sides, the side door by the two snap fastening, snap pulled inward side door can easily write, 

    convenient for both sides of the equipment maintenance.

5. Main entrance with glass doors, can not open the cabinet direct observation equipment running status.

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