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Primjena vodootpornog telefona Joiwo u tvornici cementa

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Since the birth of cement in 1824, cement has been used in many places. Cement plays a cementing role in concrete and can make buildings stronger.

It can also be said that the emergence of cement is a great leap in the history of human architecture. In modern buildings, cement can be seen almost everywhere, highways, construction projects, military projects and residential buildings, that is to say, all the buildings we see basically have the existence of cement, and cement has a fixed effect on the building. Therefore, it can have the effect of anti-seismic. In addition, cement can also be laid on the road for our traffic. We walk on the road made of cement, which provides corresponding stability to our traffic.

Because there is a great demand for cement in today's society, some cement factories have also been established. They make money by selling cement. With this demand, there is also a demand for waterproof phones. As we all know, the working environment of cement factories is relatively poor and dusty, which requires the communication products used in cement factories to be strong and durable, and also waterproof and moisture-proof. Among the many customers that Joiwo cooperates with, we have cooperated with cement manufacturers in the Middle East. However, they ordered a waterproof phone to install and use at joiwo.

On our platform, we have several hot-selling models of waterproof phones, such as JWAT306 i JWAT309. JWAT306 is the most basic waterproof phone on the platform. It is also possible to customize the product according to the customer's choice, such as changing the color, adjusting the size, changing the line, etc. About JWAT309, it is a waterproof phone with built-in speaker on our platform. The material is sturdy and durable, and the installation method is wall-mounted.

Joiwo has been in the field of waterproof phones for more than 16 years. We are also a gold seller on Alibaba. We have good professional quality and a good sales and R&D team.

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