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Javna telefonska govornica

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Now on the streets in China, such vandal proof and Antique telephone boxes are rarely seen. The once-popular phone booth gradually withdrew from the stage as the times progressed. Remember when I was a kid, mobile phones were not as popular as they are now, so  people communicate more often with landlines phone or PHS. However,it is very inconvenient for  people to  use landlines, so the magical existence of telephone booths appear. There are public telephone booths all over the street with one every other distance that make convenience to make a call.


At that time, IC public payphone with plug-in cards were very popular.

It is especially easy for children to imitate following others.They will think it is cool to see someone else can make a call with this IC card, and I want to become that one. This IC card need to charge the card with denominations ranging from 30 RMB, 50 RMB and 100 RMB. First charge the money, then insert this IC card into the phone, the phone will show that you can talk normally,then you can dial by pressing the number keypad. You can also make emergency telephone calls without a IC card. It brought convenience to our lives when mobile phones were not yet popular.


Now every time think about this pubic outdoor phone, these are the fond memories of that era and the crystallization of human wisdom.


Now, these phones are rarely seen on the road, but it can still be seen in schools,hospitals,airport ,studentske domovei tako dalje

Mobile phones cannot replace his role. When forgetting to bring a mobile phone or running out of power in an emergency situation, these phones should be used to add a layer of insurance to our lives.

Therefore, even if the times are advancing, these telephones should have their own role, which is irreplaceable.


Ningbo Joiwo also help customer provide this utility phone.These type telephone is exported all over the world to suitable their need.These phone  is very popular  Railway applications, Marine applications, Tunnels,street,Underground Mining, Firefighter, Industrial, Prisons, Jail, Parking lots, Hospitals, Guard Stations, Police stations, Bank halls, ATM machines, Stadiums, inside and outside building etc. 


Ningbo Joiwo je uvijek spreman pomoći vam u uspješnom pobjeđivanju i dovršavanju projekata nudeći visokokvalitetne proizvode, konkurentne cijene i naše profesionalne usluge.



Ningbo Joiwo eksplozivno otporan specijaliziran za industrijske telefone poput IP-a ili analognog telefonskog sustava, telefona otpornog na vremenske utjecaje, telefona protiv eksplozija, telefona protiv vandala, hands-free telefona, javnog telefona i zatvorskog telefona. Mogli bismo pružiti rješenje PBX sustava koje se može koristiti za opasnu prašinu i plin. atmosfere, petrokemijska industrija, tunel, metro, željeznica, brza cesta, marina, brod, priobalno, rudnik, elektrana, most, hotel, bolnica, zatvor.


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