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The emergency phones in the elevater saved my life

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The emergency phones in the elevater saved my life


Nowdays,we may use elevater everyday.Go to work and get off work in the office building.Go to the classsroom and go back to the dorm in school.Go home and go out in your high-grade residential district.

In the elevater,we normal use the button of the elevator floor,but hardly we use emergency phones.Do you know how to use it?


Normally the material of the emergency phones is stainlless steel.Because it is vandal proof,away from stolen,vandal resistant.It can also be water proof and corrosion proof.The quality is be made good value with a nice price.


Accidently the elevator is out of work when you are in it.You can use the emergency phones in the elevator.It's normally be made with handfree.Just push thehitanbutton,the call bewteen you and the control room in on.The amplifier will work to turn up the volume both in microphone and speaker.What you need to do next is just waiting for help.

Also there is another kind of emergency phones is made with handset and keypad,buthitanbutton must be there.


Joiwo Explosin-proof,specialized in the production of explosion-proof/waterproof phones, jail phones and other vandal resistant public phones for more than 17 years.We have many choice for customer's izborom.

Likethe JWAT145 is a popular type with handset,the JWAT401 is another popular type with handsfree.

JWAT145 (4)

JWAT401 (1)

More details,please contact with us.


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