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Tunelski telefonski sustav za hitne slučajeve

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Due to the limited space of the highway tunnel, once an accident occurs, such as a fire, an earthquake, a collapse, or a traffic accident that causes casualties, there are many difficulties in the rescue work. Through the rapid construction of a tunnel emergency system platform based on the "smart line", the precise positioning, communication, broadcasting, environmental monitoring and video transmission of rescuers can be realized.

Ningbo Joiwo  intelligent tunnel emergency telephone system provides data support for on-site rescue command, which is convenient Rescue coordination among multiple departments can improve work efficiency and ensure the orderly development of on-site rescue work.


With the opening of national arterial roads and highway networks around provincial capital cities, highway construction has begun to advance to inter-provincial and remote areas. Bridges and tunnels account for an increasing proportion of highways. Looking back at tunnel fire accidents around the world , Have caused huge casualties and property losses. It can be said that the rescue of tunnel fire accidents has become a major problem facing all countries in the world today.


Korištenje električnih romobila ističe highway tunnel is a "narrow and long tubular space", and its architectural characteristics determine that the sudden fire accident of the tunnel mainly has the following characteristics:


1. It is difficult to rescue and evacuate;


2. It is difficult to guide and quickly handle;


3. The smoke diffuses quickly, is toxic, and is not easy to discharge;


4. Once a fire occurs in a long highway tunnel, it will be more difficult to rescue buildings and warehouses that are more difficult than normal, and rescue teams will be difficult to deploy;


5. The rescue site has limited space, and there is no signal in the tunnel, which affects the information exchange, which affects the rescue efficiency. 1 The need for emergency rescue information platform in long highway tunnels;


6. The combustion spreads quickly, lasts for a long time, and is difficult to control. If the cargo carried is combustible, flammable, explosive, highly toxic and hazardous chemicals, it will often cause the disaster to worsen;


7. The rapid spread of fire makes the lighting system, monitoring system and automatic alarm system in the tunnel may fail in a short time. In addition, the fire, the dense smoke and high temperature generated by the reaction of hazardous chemicals and the ground, often make rescues Personnel cannot approach, and the 

The power failure of the lighting can be replaced by a generator. Once the communication is interrupted and the rescue team in the tunnel loses contact with the command, it may have a greater impact. Tako  in the case of a disaster in the tunnel, the Explosionproof emergency tunnel telephone is very important ,it  help to quickly build a comprehensive platform for tunnel emergency system.


Ningbo Joiwo Explosion proof Technology Co., LTD  is a manufacturer with 15 years of professional telecommunication product development and production experience.  The company has won a large number of utility model patents, appearance patents and software registrations. Ningbo Joiwo is engaged in waterproof and moisture-proof telephones, explosion-proof telephones, IP telephones, industrial IP communication systems, underground pipe corridor optical fiber telephones, sound and light amplified broadcast telephones, and highy emergency telephones.

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