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Ningbo Joiwo's Best wishes for 2020 college entrance examination

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With the end of the epidemic, the 2020 Gaokao (college entrance examination)was delayed by one month comparing with the last year, and finally was started today.

This year's students are not easy. In order to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure the safety of the students, China has adopted the situation that postponement of school semesters and open online courses and laboratory resource platforms to organize online education activities.Some high school even open in March or April, which is actually very unfavorable for their progress in the college entrance examination.

But as an old saying goes,people would become after suffering.

I believe that this experience will make them tougher, because The hearts of the people in China are always connected, and we will all together to fight the epidemic.

The day July.7th ,2020 is the first day of the college entrance examination. It will continue 4 days.The college entrance examination is the most important exam in China. It can even be said that the college entrance examination can change people's lives for a long time. The person who get good grades can go to better university and receive excellent higher education. Just like university entry in other countries

Exam (ACT), etc.

Ningbo Jiuwo wishes all the students get the good grades in the college entrance examination. Ten years of dreams could be flying dreams today.

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