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China Telecom sýnir alhliða styrk í netöryggi

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"New Infrastructure, New Security, New Future" Kína Telecom Shows Comprehensive Strength in Cyber Security.


The "Network Security Week" launched nationwide from September 14 to 20 attracted the attention of the entire network. At present, new infrastructure such as 5G network, big data, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are more closely integrated with society and the economy, and they will become an important engine for my country's high-quality economic development. However, new technologies also bring new challenges to network security. At this exhibition, China Telecom demonstrated its comprehensive strength in network security through six major sectors: 5G cloud network, "anti-fraud", and smart home.


Six major sectors escort cybersecurity in an all-round way


Since the first "Cyber Security Week" was held in 2014, it has been the seventh. This year's Cyber Security Week is based on online activities, combining online and offline activities. Among them, online activities are organized by China Telecom. With the theme of "New Infrastructure, New Security and New Future", it also showcases China Telecom's ability to escort network security in all aspects through six major sections.


These six sectors are network security benefiting people's livelihood, 5G cloud network new infrastructure, prevention of network fraud, personal information protection, new technology and new applications, and smart home application security.


Among them, a variety of security applications in the network security benefit people's livelihood section will help mobile phone users provide accurate detection and prevention capabilities in terms of call security, personal privacy security in mobile phones, and personal information leakage risks in APPs; the new 5G cloud network infrastructure section shows China Telecom's management mechanism in cloud, optical network, AI, security, ICT, terminal and other aspects to ensure cloud and information security; the anti-network fraud exhibition area uses the latest network fraud cases to show that China Telecom is strengthening source governance and implementation Prevention and control of technical means, promotion and reminders, etc., to enhance the effectiveness of fraud management; the two services of Tianyi Anti-harassment and Intelligent Answering displayed in the personal information protection section ensure that there are no violations of laws and regulations to collect and use user personal information; new technology and new application section The results displayed are mainly AI products and solutions that meet the rigid needs of the industry, and enhance the core competitiveness under the "5G + cloud computing + big data + AI" scenario, which is one of the cores of building a new infrastructure.



As the infrastructure leader in the "Internet +" era, China Telecom has always attached great importance to the construction and investment in the field of network security. As early as 2007, the Network and Information Security Management Department was established. This is a group-level network information security leadership group under the leadership of the main leaders of the group. At the same time, the group and provincial two-level operation centers have been established. Information processing center.


In order to adapt to the continuous development of information technology and ensure the security of new infrastructure, in 2019, China Telecom abolished the original "Network and Information Security Management Department" and established the "Network and Information Security Management Department". The two departments seem to be the same, and there is only one of them. The meaning of the word is quite different. The original network security department was co-authored with the network operation and maintenance department, while the newly established network security department last year is an independent department that performs its duties with the network operation and maintenance department and is independent of each other. This year, China Telecom established Yundi Company to be responsible for the R&D and operation of "Telecom Yundi" products, and centralize the business management of the Network and Information Security Management Department.


Not only that, China Telecom is also working hard on the construction of a network security talent team, establishing a group network information talent selection base system, and these experts enjoy talent allowances, through the talent team to ensure that the network information security system can be implemented in place.


In addition, China Telecom has also formulated comprehensive management measures in terms of rules and regulations, including basic cybersecurity information management, risk handling plans, and closed-loop management of risk cybersecurity incidents to ensure that cybersecurity and information security are in place.


Build a complete security ecosystem


Pushing the quantum super SIM card, creating a family information security "1+3+4" system, using the Yundi platform to launch "secure dedicated line" products... China Telecom's construction of network security includes the entire system from individuals, families to industries .


Especially in the 5G era, the cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence industries are booming. China Telecom has the largest IP backbone network in the country, the national optical network coverage is far ahead, the IDC resources are the most in the country, and the international export bandwidth is top.


And this also brings more potential risks to network security. To this end, in May this year, China Telecom released the "5G SA Security Enhanced SIM Card White Paper." The white paper adds the SUCI mechanism and the GBA mechanism, based on the SA core network, oriented to industrial applications such as intelligent manufacturing, and meeting higher security enhancement requirements.


Among them, in terms of the industrial Internet, China Telecom has built a manageable, controllable, and credible end-to-end security environment, used Yundi to build a secure basic network for operators, and escorted the network security of more than 40 national events. The construction and operation of nearly 10 provincial security situation awareness platforms provide professional industrial APP security services.


During the epidemic, in order to ensure the network security of the government, medical and health, public services and education industries, and enterprises, and at the same time, to ensure the safety and reliability of online learning and remote office, China Telecom’s Yundi network security protection platform will carry out the "protection" operation and will integrate the entire network Zili provides free, zero-operation, and zero-deploy carrier-level network security services for business systems and public resource platforms in government affairs, medical and health industries.


At present, China Telecom has used the Yundi platform to provide free network attack monitoring, website monitoring, and emergency services to 210 government, health, education, and public service departments at all levels across the country.

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