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Hvernig á að tryggja neyðaröryggisaðstöðu á fallegum stöðum

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emergency telephone intercom call box JWAT414

SOS telephones for tourist assistance in scenic spots refer to neyðarsímar specially used by tourists in emergency situations in scenic spots. When the telephone is removed, it can automatically call the emergency telephone dedicated line. SOS telephones are widely used in tourist attractions, coal mines, tunnels, etc., and other places where accidents are more likely to occur.


Install tourist attractions in scenic spots to seek help from SOS  call box telephones. Tourists can rest assured that travel is safe. The person in charge of the Scenic Area Administration said that if tourists encounter natural disasters such as heavy rain or other emergencies, they can find the SOS emergency help booth and directly ask the command center for help.


The SOS three-dimensional monitoring system is composed of point-to-point calling telephones, surveillance cameras, and control center. Once an abnormal situation occurs, calling the telephone can immediately call the control center; the control center can also directly call the scene by calling the telephone, which serves as a warning and deterrent.


As an emergency phone, SOS telephone can also be used in elevators, taxis, bus stops, highways, subways, tracks, ATMs, tunnels, docks, ports, mines, and production equipment. The SOS phone is a perfect phone for humid and corrosive environments.


Emergency tourists 25 minutes to transfer tourists from scenic spots to the hospital.


In the scenic area, a man was climbing a mountain. When he was halfway through the climb, he suddenly suffered a heart attack. His friend found a button on the SOS phone for emergency assistance from scenic tourists on the roadside. After 25 minutes, the "tourist" arrived at the hospital under the care of an emergency doctor and was successfully rescued.


What should I do if I get lost while playing in the scenic spot? What to do in an emergency? Don't panic! Just press the tourist in the scenic spot around you to ask for the SOS phone, and the relevant departments can appear in front of you as soon as possible to help you and rescue you!


SOS telephone is easy to operate: press the emergency button to automatically connect to the control center; if there is an emergency, the control center can also call back immediately, without any operation, automatically connect to the loudspeaker to speak.

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