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時間:2020-02-11 ヒット: 51

ジョイウォは新たに開発しました weatherproof tunnel emergency telephone with LCD display  JWAT207。


This telephone is usually used in Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro Stations, Railway Platform, Highway Side, Hotels, Parking Lots, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Power Plants And Related Heavy Duty Industrial area.

The system can be analogue or VOIP, and have 3 speed dial keypad. The JWAT935 weatherproof telephone is  made of Aluminum alloy, very sturdy and hard to damage. You can place the this telephone on the wall and fixed with screw to prevent slipping.  In order to show the call time, call number ,etc,this model is equipped with LCD display to achieve these function.

Below is the main features of JWAT207  for your reference.



1.Direct connection to telecommunication networks. 2.After forming the communication system, each phone is an independent workstation, and the failure of one of them does not affect the overall system work. 3.The internal circuit of the telephone adopts DSPG digital chip, which has the advantages of accurate call number, clear call, stable work, etc. 4.Carbon steel surface is electrostatically sprayed, with high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance 5.Incoming and outgoing number display function. 6.Zinc alloy keypad with 3 speed dial buttons. 7.Flashing red light indicates incoming call, bright green light when the connected. 8.Self-made telephone spare part available. 9.CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 compliant.



Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproofは、プロの研究開発と長年の経験豊富なエンジニアによるお問い合わせを温かく歓迎し、お客様の特定のビジネスニーズに合わせてソリューションを調整することもできます。