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ពេលវេលា៖ 2020-03-10 HITS: 22

សូមឱ្យ"s show our production and assemble  line for explosionproof  horn  loudspeaker  model JWBY-25.


These assembled loudspeaker is for our Middle- East customer, they think their  working area is very nosiy and need to have a loudly device to make  the sound  clearly and  farther. Ningbo Joiwo recommend them this product and it is the third time to place the order to us.We think our product  have get their approval and they trust us.


We have strict quality inspection person to test the quality before shipping. And we have many years supplier to guarantee the quality ,Without the company"s decision, Purchasing department can"t change suppliers by themselves.

And our package is strong to protect the product in transit.

Are you looking for any industrial product  for any project ?


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