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  • lP PBX  Telephone System Equipment Ip PBX phone server
  • lP PBX  Telephone System Equipment Ip PBX phone server

Ratio mundi PBX Telephone Ip PBX phone servo -JWBT920 Equipment

This  dispatching Server is a network and telephony integrated switch that is a dedicated VoIP switch within the enterprise. All ip phones can be registered to the ip phone server.  We can manage all the telephones through the this server.

The case adopts all-steel structure design, which is compact and sturdy. It adopts shock-absorbing and shock-resistant processors for the hard disk, and expands 2 hard disk positions to support large-capacity application requirements.  Provides a Gigabit Ethernet port, supports the insertion of a full-length full-length PCI expansion card, is a low-power industrial control computer, mainly used in digital TV playback terminals, video conferencing systems, call systems, recording systems, etc.

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Dimensions (width × depth × height)

X X 436mm 518mm 155mm



potentia copia



220V potentia copia

Support 220V dual power supply, input voltage 110V-240V

48V potentia copia

Support 48V dual power supply, input voltage 41V-60V

Power (full load)


network interface

Aer portus

V portuum Gigabit Ethernet

Signaling protocol










loquela coding

Support G.711A / μ, G.723.1, G.729A

DTMF relay


Echo suppression







Maximum IP registered users


Maximum number of IP trunks


Maximum number of media resources

200 channels of media resources (VoIP, recording and playback sharing), 200 channels of conference resources











Number of simultaneous calls

30 simultaneous calls, average call connection time <1.5s

Call-through rate

Call connection rate> 99%

Average voice coding dynamic switching time

Average voice coding dynamic switching time <60ms

Maximum number of meetings supported

Support up to 4 meeting rooms

Maximum number of participants in the conference

Support up to 128 conference participants

Maximum number of participants in a single meeting

A single meeting supports up to 128 participants.


MTBF: 62 years

situs laboris

operationem temperatus


Working environment relative humidity (non-condensing)

10 -90%%

Product Features:

1. This equipment adopts 1U rack design and can be installed on the rack;

2. The whole machine adopts low-power industrial-grade host, which can run stably for a long time;

3.  Rich external interfaces: 2X RJ45, 4 X USB high-speed 2.0, 4XRS232;

4.  Provide 1 x Line In + 1 x Mic In two audio interface solutions;

5.  Provide PS / 2 keyboard and mouse interface;

Productum Specifications:

Model: 19-inch standard rack-mounted machine

Processor: Support 115X series processors, up to I5-3470

Chip set: B75 chipset

Main memory: 2 * 200-pin dual-channel DDR3 1600/1333 memory, maximum support 32GB

Hard Disk: Standard 500G SATA high-speed hard disk, can expand a 3.5-inch 2T / 4T large hard disk

Graphics: Core graphics card

Audio: 2 * Audio I / O interface (microphone and line output), Realtek ALC662 6-channel high-fidelity audio

Front panel interface: front 2 USB, HDD LED, Power LED, Power switch button, reset button

Rear panel interfaces: Line In, Line Out, Mic In, PS2, 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4 USB2.0, 4 serial ports, 1 VGA

Power source: special power supply for industrial computer, 115V / 60Hz, 230V / 50Hz adaptive

Environment: up to 50 ° C (122 ° F) non-condensing temperature 90%


WElige secundum Nobis



Is an ISO (IX)I: MM, CE, convertant FCC, ROHS, CNEX: IP9001 / IP2000 / IP65:

Partus diem:

3 7 dies,


Set 1

Facultates copiam:

5000 sets / month

Terminum solucionis:

T / T, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Fides, L / C ad concordia agitatum, sive aliis.

Exempla offeres hostias,

Exempla praesto sint, et potest esse liberum opportuna elit.

Exempla Ordinatio:

Latin exempla ego mitto ad parari opus dies circiter III. 

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