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  • immaculatam ferro telephono
  • vandal probationem telephono
  • telephono aqua probationem
  • weather proof telephone
  • analogue telephone
  • immaculatam ferro telephono
  • vandal probationem telephono
  • telephono aqua probationem
  • weather proof telephone
  • analogue telephone

Correctional Institutum ringdown analog IP HORRIDUS Telephone JWAT130

Strong and compact small stainless steel surface mount wall telephone with a keypad for standard dialing.  The stainless steel phone can be used in a variety of applications such as in jails, hospitals, oil rigs, platforms, dormitories, airports, control rooms, sally ports, schools, plant, gate and entryways, PREA phone,or waiting rooms etc. 

Optional volume control button with background noise reduction, 32" hearing aid compatible armored cord handset with internal steel lanyard , which is anchored into the housing, tamper resistant security screws, and steel mounting backplate for easy installation. 

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1. Standard Analogue phone or SIP phone . Phone line powered.

2. CCCIV materia: intacta ferro testa alta et fortis robore mechanica impulsum bellum.

3. Vandal proof  armored cord handset with internal steel lanyard  and grommet provides added security for handset cord.The  swivel could be optional.

4. Zinc alloy keypad.

Hamo switch 5. Magna switch harundine tegebantur.

6. Optional noise-canceling microphone available 

7. mounted Wall, Simple installation.

8. Tempestas probationem praesidio IP54.

9. Connection: Phone line powered(RJ11 screw terminal pair cable.)

                        POE power supply (RJ45 connector)

10. Tullius color available.

11 Ipsum facta telephono parce pars available. 

12 BCE, FCC, ROHS: ISO9001 obsequium.

powerLinea telephono nectunt
Opus Current Sto≤1mA
frequency Response* CCL MMM HZ
Nazgul Vol≤80dB (A)
Romani ærugoWF1
Ambientium, temperatus-40 ℃ ~ LX
Pressio atmosphaerica~ LXXX 80KPa
relative humiditas≤95%
Anti-vandalism LevelIK10


WElige secundum Nobis

Certification:Is an ISO (IX)I: MM, CE, convertant FCC, ROHS, CNEX: IP9001 / IP2000 / IP65:
sarcina:VI occidere / currus, 6kg / currus
Partus diem:3 7 dies,
Compositio:Set 1
Facultates copiam:5000 sets / month
Terminum solucionis:T / T, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Fides, L / C ad concordia agitatum, sive aliis.
Exempla offeres hostias,Exempla praesto sint, et potest esse liberum opportuna elit.
Exempla Ordinatio:Latin exempla ego mitto ad parari opus dies circiter III. 
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