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Ahoana ny fomba hamaritana ny telefaona indostrialy ao amin'ny orinasa Ningbo Joiwo?

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Ahoana ny fomba hamaritana ny telefaona indostrialy ao amin'ny orinasa Ningbo Joiwo?


Ningbo JoiwoExplosion-proof Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Guoxiangqiao Industrial Park, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province.Our product line includes explosion proof telephone, weatherproof telephone, jail phone and other vandal resistant public phone. We manufacture most of the parts of the phones by ourselves and it gives us much advantage over the cost and quality control. Our telephones are widely used in jails, schools, vessel, petroleum and oil drilling platform etc. our jail phones have also gained good reputation from our customers in USA, Europe and Middle East...


Our mainly products devide as following:


1:Fonjazana.There are many kinds of jail phones as showed in the websie.These telephones some have keypad,some have instruction card,some have one or two function buttoms.That depends on your detail demand.TheJWAT137is the most popular one as picture showed.

JWAT137 (1)

2:Weather proof telephone.There also have severial kinds for your choice.Some are made in aluminum alloy,some are made in engineering plastics,some are cold rolled steel.We also have the accessories like loudspeaker,flashlight if you need.The JWAT306 is the new and popular one.This aluminium alloy material weatherproof telephone is newly-designed IP66-67 weather resistant industrial telephones.This water proof telephone is fully contained within a corrosion and vandal resistant cast aluminium weatherproof case with a pivoted door protecting against dust and moisture ingress, resulting in a highly reliable product with a long MTBF.

JWAT306 (42) 

3:Explosion proof telephone.This kind of telephone is mainly used in the oil and gas,mining, with explosive atmosphere intoetrandro mampidi-doza.Our JWAT810 series is rugged and durable and explosion proof telephone is intrinsically safe and atex zone1 and zone 2 also zone 21.The explosion proof telephone uses aluminum alloy as the raw material for the weatherproof enclosure, and the exterior is strong. OEM and customization is also available.Atex certificate we do have for these explosion proof telephones and the accessories including explosion proof loudspeaker and juction box.


4:Public phone.These kind of phones are widely used in diffirent public places such as bank,school,hospital,highways,airports.They are mainly made in cold rolled steel material,with IP 65 protection class.As our newly developed model of JWAT216P is without LCD screen display,JWAT216X is with LCD.


5:telefona aoparilera.This kind of speaker phone is the telephone with handsfree.It has no handset,but has the loudspeaker inside.Some have keypad,some doed not,but usually we add one or two funtion buttoms for one buttom speed dial or redial.That depends on the customer's demand,and can be set.

 新建 XLS 工作表_00

Ery're many other kinds of related products we do in industrial telecommunication.We can provide you the telephones in industrial telecommunication and telephone system solution .Our telephone products usually be made in two versions as analog or VOIP,that depends on your system design and detail requirement.Any more questions,feel free to contact with me:



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