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Typhoon "Plum Blossom" hits Yuyao, Ningbo, with flooded roads and flooded vehicles

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On September 14, typhoon "Plum Blossom" approached the coastal areas step by step. On September 15, due to its influence, Yuyao City also experienced flooding on roads, flooded houses and flooded vehicles. On the afternoon of September 15, the reporter contacted the office of the Yuyao Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau to learn that nine mobile pump trucks are currently implementing strong drainage operations. As of about 4 p.m. on September 15, a total of 31 road water points have been investigated, 17 of which have subsided, and 14 are still standing.



On September 15, the store on Xingcheng Road in Yuyao City flooded. (Photo provided by the interviewee)


Affected by the typhoon "Plum Blossom", heavy precipitation occurred in Yuyao City


According to the "Yuyao Release" news, due to the influence of the typhoon "Plum Blossom", heavy rainfall occurred in Yuyao City. The data shows that from 20:00 on September 11 to 23:00 on the 14th, the rainfall in Yuyao City was 358.9 mm, the urban area was 292.4 mm, 34 stations exceeded 300 mm, and 12 stations exceeded 500 mm. From 20:00 to 23:00 on September 14, the total rainfall in the city was 59.5 mm, the urban area was 56.4 mm, and the largest Lizhou Street Fantaiwu Station was 126.6 mm.


"The house is full of water, and the water has reached the waist!" On September 15, Mr. Zhao, a merchant near the intersection of Xingcheng Road and Shunke Road in Yuyao City, told reporters that the storm continued at 6 pm on September 14, and the house accumulated The water started to keep rising. After seeing the typhoon-related reminder on the mobile phone, Mr. Zhao's family hurriedly moved things from the afternoon of September 14, and put up valuables such as clothes and furniture. Due to the continuous storm, Mr. Zhao and his wife could not evacuate. They could only use a table and chair to raise the bed and rest on it. "This morning, when the rain stopped, we hurried to the high ground and drove to my brother's house." Mr. Zhao said, he plans to go home tomorrow to check the situation.


Residents carried the items in the house to a high place, and the accumulated water reached the waist level


"The water didn't retreat, it rained all night last night, and it was really hard to sleep that night!" On the morning of September 15, when a Dawan News reporter contacted Mr. Tian,a merchant on Xingcheng Road in Yuyao City, they had just moved Less than half an hour to relatives' house. He told a Dawan News reporter that the water depth outside his store was estimated to be more than one meter.


The torrential rain brought by the typhoon made Mr. Tian,who had just opened a shop to do business this year, feel helpless. Because the wind and rain kept falling, their family stayed up all night, kept moving things. "I originally thought that the water should not be able to rise very high, and many things were moved to similar heights. Who knows that the higher the water rose, the higher the things were moved." It's already "blooming everywhere" anyway. "Because the water level is at the waist level, even if you put things on the table and chairs, they will float quickly."


Mr. Tian told the news reporter that his family operated a noodle shop of about 70 square meters on the first floor, and the small cubicle on the second floor was where they rested. The typhoon and rain directly "scraped down" the shop, and the loss was estimated at 20,000 yuan. . "These incoming goods are soaked as soon as they are soaked, but the glass in the store was 'shot' and shattered."


9 mobile pump trucks are carrying out forced discharge operations


On the afternoon of September 15, at the section of Yangming East Road at the intersection of Yangming East Road and Zhongshan North Road in Yuyao City, drainage work was in progress. The reporter contacted Ms. Sun, a businessman in the road section. She told the reporter that there was water accumulation at more than 8 p.m. on September 14, and the water accumulation road section is currently being drained. There was a car submerged in the water." Ms. Sun said, she contacted nearby residents and learned that the water level was now lower.


On the afternoon of September 15, the reporter contacted the Office of the Housing and Urban-rural Development Bureau of Yuyao City to learn that strong drainage was underway 100-200 meters north of Xingcheng Road. In order to do a good job in preventing typhoon and floods, a flood drainage emergency rescue team has been set up, with 92 emergency rescue personnel, 557 personnel dispatched, 247 inspection and rescue vehicles, and 28 urban waterlogging drainage pump stations along the river to implement anti-typhoon and flood prevention. Guaranteed, all turned on. At present, 9 mobile pump trucks are located at the Jiulei Mountain Village Committee of Yuzheng Station, the gate of the famous prefectural government, Yangming East Road (Huangshan Bridge Gas Station), Zhongshan Road Interchange (in Danfeng Community), Nanleinan Road, Nanlanjiang Road , China Plastics International Convention and Exhibition Center Hall 1, and the north gate of the National Fitness Center implement forced platoon operations.


It is reported that as of about 4:00 pm on September 15, a total of 31 road water points have been investigated, 17 of which have subsided and 14 are still water-filled; there are a total of 10 highway and railway overpasses in the urban area, of which 2 (Yangming East Road) Jiulei Mountain Highway and Railway Interchange and Wushengmen Highway and Railway Interchange) have been closed.

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