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Inona no atao hoe telefaona indostrialy? Sekoly / fantsona fantsona fanasokajiana an-tariby manokana tsy tantera-drano sy manohitra ny tabataba, fanasokajiana ny fipoahana / fitrandrahana vonjy maika miaraka amin'ity mpanamboatra finday ity.

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Inona nytelefaona indostrialy? School / pipe gallery waterproof and anti-noise special telephone classification, emergency explosion-proof / mining with this safety type telephone manufacturers

What is an industrial telephone?

The telephone has been more than 140 years since Bell invented it in 1876. Industrial telephone belongs to one of the special telephone categories under the category of fixed telephone in the telephone machine. Phone type is mostly wall hanging type.

Industrial telephone belongs toindustrial grade telephone products, compared with civil products, in the design concept, selected materials, built-in integrated circuit, protection test level, adapt to the environment of temperature and humidity have different levels of strengthening.

What are the categories ofindustrial waterproof anti-noise telephone?

According to the application scenario classification: pipe gallery optical fiber telephone, campus school family phone, tunnel industrial telephone, cold storage industrial telephone, highway industrial telephone, hydropower station industrial telephone, thermal power station industrial telephone, nuclear power plant industrial telephone, mining industrial telephone, chemical and petroleum industry telephone and other emergency special industrial telephone.


Classification according to the standard and transmission mode:

Analog telephone (telephone line transmission), IP (VOIP / SIP / WIFI) telephone (network cable / network transmission), optical fiber telephone (optical fiber transmission), etc.


Classification by fuselage material

Metal: aluminum alloy, cold-rolled iron, stainless steel

Non-metal: ABS high strength, SMC composite FRP, DMC composite FRP


By functional classification

Industrial waterproof telephone, industrial anti-noise and noise reduction telephone, industrial explosion-proof telephone, industrial anti-freezing telephone, industrial loudspeaker alarm telephone and other industrial protection telephone.


Protection grade (dust and waterproof grade) in industrial application, generally is: IP65, * * * is IP68. But the protection grade IP54 is low, IP is the marked letter, the number 5 is * * * marked number, 4 for the second mark number * * * marked number indicates contact protection and foreign protection grade, the second mark number is waterproof protection grade.

Related standard GB4208-2008 Shell Protection Grade

IP54, IP65, IP66, IP 66 are four common protection levels, among which IP68 grade is high

Contact protection and foreign protection class (number 1)

Waterproof protection grade (number 2)


Scope of protection



Scope of protection



Tsy misy fiarovana



Tsy misy fiarovana



Protect against a 50mm diameter and a larger solid foreign body

Detector, with a sphere diameter of 50mm, should not be fully entered


Water drop protection

A vertical water drop should not cause damage


Protection against 12.5mm diameter and larger solid exotics

Detector, with a sphere diameter of 12.5mm, should not be fully entered


Protective water droplets when the cabinet is tilted by 15 degrees

When the cabinet is tilted to either side by 15 degrees, the vertical water drop should not cause damage


Protect against a 2.5mm diameter and a larger solid foreign body

Detector, with a sphere diameter of 2.5mm, should not be fully entered


Protect the splash of water

Water splashed from both sides of the vertical line at a 60-degree angle should not cause damage


Protect against a 1.0mm diameter and a larger solid foreign body

Detector, with a sphere diameter of 1.0mm, should not be fully entered


Protective spray

Water spray directed at the cabinet from each direction shall not cause damage


Protect the dust

It is impossible to completely prevent dust entry, but the amount of dust entering will not cause harm to the equipment


Protective shooting water

Water injection directed at the cabinet from each direction shall not cause damage


Dust closed

Dust should not be entered in the cabinet at a low pressure of 20 millibar


Protect against strong water

The strong water directed at the cabinet from each direction should not cause damage

Note: The diameter of the detector shall not pass through the hole of the cabinet


Protection for short-term immersion

When the cabinet is temporarily immersed in water under standard pressure, there should be no water immersion that can cause damage


Protection for long-term immersion

It can be immersed in water under specific conditions, and there should be no water immersion that can cause damage


Industrial explosion-proof telephone according to the structural type is divided into explosive type, essential safety type two categories

Coal explosion-proof-native safety / intrinsically safe

MT209-1990 General Technical Requirements for Electrical and Electronic Products for Communication, Testing and Control in Coal Mine

GB3836.1-2010 The Explosive Environment- -Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment

GB3836.4-2010 Explosive Environment- -Part 4: Equipment protected by an intrinsically safe "i"

Fipoahana simika

GB 12476.1-2013, Electrical equipment for combustible dust environment-Part 1: General Requirements

GB3836.1-2010 The Explosive Environment- -Part 1: General Requirements for Equipment

GB3836.2-2000 Electrical Equipment for Explosive Gas Environment-Part 2: Burproof

GB 3836.4-2010 Explosive Environment- -Part 4: Equipment protected by an intrinsically safe "i"

 International Explosion-proof Certification:

Germany (PTB), United States (FM), Canada (CSA), Russia (VNIIEF) China (NEPSI) and Shipping (DNV) and other world explosion-proof certification.

Domestic explosion-proof certification:

PCEC Explosion-proof Certificate (* * * Anti-proof Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center: Explosion-proof Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Electrical Products of Petroleum and Chemical Industry)

MA Mining Product Safety Mark Certificate (* * * Mining Product Safety Mark Center Co., Ltd.)

MA Machinery industry low-voltage explosion-proof electrical appliances product quality supervision and testing center

CCCMT explosion-proof Certificate (Changzhou Communication Monitoring Product Quality Supervision and Testing Center for Coal Industry)

CNEX Explosion-proof Certificate (* * * explosion-proof Electrical Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center)

CQFB explosion-proof Certificate (* * * Chongqing Mining Equipment Inspection Center for Safety Production)


What are the manufacturers of explosion-proof / mining base and safety type telephones?

International explosion-proof telephone brands: FHF, Gai-tronics

Tunnel pipe corridor optical fiber telephone, mining safety type explosion-proof station, special industrial telephone recommended:

JWBT811 (11)

Anti-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof and noise resistance

Aluminum alloy body, IP67 protection grade, explosion-proof, dust-proof, waterproof, moisture-proof, noise resistance

Standard RJ 11, IP phone, dual RJ 45 network port design

It can be equipped with 5-30W external horn speaker to realize amplification broadcast

Temperature miasa: -30-60 ℃

 Explosion-proof grade: EXIIBT6GB / Exib IIB T6 Gb

The products are specially developed for industrial production site, urban underground pipe corridor, highway tunnel and other special application scenarios. They adopt self-extinguishing SMC body, no fan design, low power consumption and strong anti-interference ability. At the same time, it is equipped with a loudspeaker that can replace the traditional broadcasting system, which can realize the integration of two-way intercom and broadcasting system. IP phones support remote web debugging and unified network management, and are particularly suitable for large-scale deployment. IP phone reserved multiple I / O ports can realize video connectivity, alarm linkage, access control and other customized functions, in line with the platform, linkage and other industry trends.

Advantages and characteristics

Simog phone supports standard 3.4k band, and ip phone supports 20-8 khz ultra-wide sampling rate

The system expansion compatibility is strong, the analog phone supports any brand programming telephone switch, and the ip phone supports the standard sip 2.0 protocol IPPBX

IP phone to support G.722,G.711,G.729 Multiple speech encoding

Support full-duplex intercom function, support amplification intercom function

The sensitivity of the ip phone speaker and microphone can be set remotely via the web or touch screen dispatch desk

Ultra-wide operating voltage: 12VDC (9-18V), or 220VAC (100-240VAC)

Vanim-potoana Warranty: 2 taona

MTBF average interval time: greater than 60000H

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