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Why JWAT137 became the best-selling industrial telephone in Joiwo Company

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Nahoana JWAT137 became the best-sellingtelefaona indostrialy in Joiwo Company


Joiwo is located in Guoxiangqiao Industrial Park, Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province.Joiwo design and manufacture industrial telecom system and telephones including weatherproof telephone,explosion proof telephone, jail phone and other vandal resistant public phone with 17 years' experience.


We manufacture most of the parts of the phones by ourselves and it gives us much advantage over the cost and quality control. Our telephones are widely used in jails, schools, vessel, petroleum and oil drilling platform etc. our jail phones have also gained good reputation from our customers in USA, Europe and Middle East.Here aretranga maroin our website.


JWAT137is the best-selling industrial telephone of jail phones in Joiwo Company.JWAT137 phone is robust and reliable vandal resistant phone with vandal proof handset with armored cord, zinca lloy material keypad and cradle. It can be used in a variety of applications such as in jails and prisons as an inmate or staff phone, in correctional hospital, airport or other public places where vandal resistance is needed.

JWAT137 (1)

Technical masontsivana


Product Model: JWAT137

Grade fiarovana: IP65

Rafitra fifandraisana:Analogue Material:Stainless Steel 304

Color:Stainless vy (tsy voatery)


Ampidirina ny zotra an-tariby



Ny asa fiomanana amin'ny fandaharana


Frequency Response

250~3000 Hz

Ringer Boky

80dB (A)

Faharatsiana faharatsiana


Ambient Temperature




Relative Humidity


Haavo fanoherana ny vanim-potoana





Ny vy vy phone can be used in a variety of applications such as in jails, hospitals, oil rigs, platforms, dormitories, airports, control rooms,sally ports, sekoly,zavamaniry,gate and entryways, PREA phone,or waiting rooms etc.


1. Standard Analogue phone. Phone line mandeha amin'ny herinaratra

2. 304 stainless steel material shell, high mechanical strength and strong impact fanoherana.

3. Vandal resistant handsetwith Internal steel lanyard and grommet provides added security for handset cord.

4. Zinc alloy keypad with volume control button.

5. Varavarankely andriamby miaraka amin'ny switch reed.

6. Optional noise-canceling microphone available 

7. Wallmounted, Simple fametrahana.

8. Fiarovana amin'ny toetr'androIP65.

9. Connection: RJ11 screw terminal pair cable.

10. Maro loko misy.

11. Misy kojakoja an-telefaona vita amin'ny tanana.

12. 12.CE, FCC, RoHS, ISO9001 mifanaraka tsara

 Product Dimensions





Haben'ny vondrona:287.5*136.5*75 (mm) Carton size:530*350*350 (mm)

Packaging materials: Pearl cotton, Carton Net weight:3KG

Lanja tsy afa-karatsaka:3.5 KG

Asa fanompoana sy fanohanana

Under normal use, non-human damage, free ANARANY TELO TAONA.

Our advange on JWAT137 jail  phone detail parts:

1. Handset: PC material is used, which is durable and has good gloss, not ABS plastic that is reworked.

2. The Teflon wire is used, which is not flammable, and the multi-strand copper core wire is not easy to break. If one breaks, it can continue to be used.

3. SUS304 hose, durable, the outlet interface is covered with iron, and the load-bearing capacity is strong.

4. The keyboard is plated and corroded, and the circuit copper plate inside has conductive silica gel. After high and low voltage tests, it can be used many times.

5. The shell is polished and polished, and the cold-rolled steel is dried and then sprayed with powder. It is not easy to fall off after high and low temperature tests.

6. The hook is powder-coated metal, which is sturdy and durable, not plastic.

7. The main board is made of first-hand raw materials, coated with three-proof paint, the imported chips have good sound quality, anti-electromagnetic interference, and have passed the EMC certification, not second-hand recycling.


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