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GSM Waterproof Emergency Telephone JWAT703

The weatherproof phone will be designed to work on high-way, railway, metro, tunnel, etc. Housedin robustकोल्ड रोल्ड स्टील, it will offer protection against the outdoor environment, vandalresistance and rot resistance.This telephone meet all the latest international standards for EMC ,CE, FCC, IP66, and lightening protection together .

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 उत्पादन वैशिष्ट्ये

  • 4G telephone.

  • Metal body,rugged and temperature bearable.

  • Handset free, 5W loudspeaker.

  • Stainless steel vandal resistant button.

  • With or without keypad optional.

  • Waterproof  defend grade IP66.

  • Body with grounding connection protection.

  • Support hotline call, stop if the other party hang up.

  • Built-in speaker, noise canceling microphone.

  • Indicator will flash when there is an incoming call.

  • Built-in rechargeable battery with solar powered panel.

  • Embed style and hanging style can be chosen.

  • Time out function optional. call duration limit (1-30 minutes).

  • Color: Yellow or  OEM.

  • Temper-proof housing.

  • Special alarm message by SMS function if:

    बॅटरी कमी

            Handset tamper

            दार उघडले

            SMS recipient number

            Hot line number

  • Support 4 emergency numbers,just press a button to call a pre-programmed number.

  • Support SMS remote programming.

  • Support SMS query phone status.

  • Standby time: built-in 7.4V/14AH ternary lithium battery, the standby time up to 360 hours.

  • Phone self-test function. (Whether there is illegal door opening, low battery, etc.)

  • Glowing night version optional.

तांत्रिक तपशील

◆ Well treated PCB used inside the phone.

◆ Self-made telephone spare part like keypad,cradle, handset,etc is available.

    ◆ All motherboards are waterproofed during production.

    ◆ तापमान: -40 डिग्री सेल्सियस 70 + XNUMX. से

    ◆ Relative humidity: up to 90%

    ◆ Standby current: ≤0.1A

    ◆ Working current: ≤0.35A

    ◆ Maximum charging current: 2.8A

    ◆ Ring: Via internal speaker/ringer

    ◆ Speaker: full-duplex hands-free speaker

    ◆ Hands-free volume: maximum 85dB (at a distance of 1 meter)

    ◆ Audio Features: Acoustic Echo Cancellation/Background Noise Reduction

    ◆ GSM: 850/900/1800MHz

   ◆ Vandal and water resistant call button and locks

    ◆ Sequential number calling (on failure to connect )

    ◆ Configuration using SMS commands

    ◆ Feature control using operator telephone touchpad(DTMF)



Wहाय आम्हाला निवडा


प्रमाणन:SGS, ISO 9001:2000 , CE, FCC, ROHS, CNEX, IP65/IP66/IP67,
उपलब्धता:1 सेट/कार्टून, 10kg/कार्टून
वितरण तारीख:3-7 दिवस
MOQ:3 संच
पुरवठा क्षमता:5000 संच/महिना
पैसे देण्याची अट:T/T, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance, L/C किंवा इतर वाटाघाटीसाठी.
नमुने ऑफर:नमुने उपलब्ध आहेत आणि धोरणात्मक ग्राहकांसाठी विनामूल्य असू शकतात.

नमुने व्यवस्था:

साधारण नमुने सुमारे 3 कामकाजाच्या दिवसांत पाठवण्यासाठी तयार केले जातील.
(And DHL 3-5days; UPS 3-5days; Fedex / TNT 3 5days; EMS 7 days to reach destination)
विक्रीनंतरची सेवा:1Years' Warranty and spare parts are available for maintenance.
संपर्क:Tel: 0086-574-58223617, Mob: +86-13858200389

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