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China's Telecommunications Industry

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During the past decade, as the largest developing country in the world, China has experienced remarkable transformation and growth in its telecommunications industry. On the one hand, after several rounds of reform, China's telecommunications market has become more and more competitive, which benefits consumers with its lower prices and higher quality of service. On the other hand, the number of telecommunications service subscribers has drastically increased. The total number of fixed-line and mobile telephone subscribers rose from 7 million in 1990 to 200 million in 2002, and the number of Internet users also soared from 0.62 million in 1997 to 79.5 million in 2003.


Despite these spectacular achievements, there are also deficiencies that will impede the further development of China's telecommunications sector. Current telecommunications consumption shows considerable geographical differences. While the eastern part of China is enjoying the growth in advanced telecommunications services, such as mobile telephones and Internet access, many villages in the central and western parts of China are still striving for basic telecommunications services, such as public telephone access. Such a wide digital gap will probably hinder the overall advancement of China's telecommunications industry. The question of how to reduce the disparity of telecommunications consumption has thus become a critical challenge for China.


The mobile telephone sector has been the most profitable in China's telecommunications market With the rapid advancement of mobile technology and China's opening up.


 Not only mobile phone,but also  industry telephone have  improved.Comparing with old industrial company in Amercia and Europe,China'د صنعتي مخابراتو هم ښه غبرګون ترلاسه کوي. جویو's صنعتي تلیفونونه کولی شي په سخت چاپیریال کې تونل مواصلاتو ته وده ورکړي لکه تونلونه ، کان کیندنې ، سمندري ، ځمکې لاندې ، د میټرو سټیشنونه ، د ریل پلیټ فارم ، د لویې لارې ، هوټلونه ، پارکینګ ، سټیل پلانټونه ، کیمیکل نباتات ، د بریښنا کارخانې او اړوند درانه دندې صنعتي غوښتنلیک.


نینګو جویو تل تل چمتو دی چې تاسو د لوړ کیفیت محصولاتو ، سیالۍ نرخونو او زموږ مسلکي خدماتو وړاندې کولو سره په بریالیتوب سره پروژې ګټلو او بشپړولو کې مرسته وکړي.



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