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Introduce of weatherproof industrial emergency telephone with horn loudspeaker-JWAT309

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د weatherproof industrial emergency telephone with horn loudspeaker-JWAT309


صنعتي هوایی تلیفون 

نینګبو جویود weatherproof industrial emergency telephone JWAT309 with horn loudspeaker is popular and hot sale in the market. This model’s appearance is a fashion model designed by ourselves.


It could be used for Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro Stations, Railway Platform, Highway Side, Hotels, Parking Lots, Steel Plants, Power Plants And Related Heavy Duty and humidity Industrial Application, Etc. 


Cord rolled steel material ,with IP66-67 د اوبو ضد، اوبه نه جذبوونكى protection class, Zinc alloy Full keypad with 4  دنده keys which could be set F1-F4 .The sound  could be transmitted farther and more clearly if with horn loudsepaker. Standard analog version or VOIP SIP version or GSM version are available.Inductive coupler fitted as standard for hard of hearing. This Anti-Water telephone can be matched with most PABX, PBX, PAX or IP PABX systems



لاندې ستاسو د حوالې لپاره اصلي ب featuresې دي.


1. قوي استوګنځی ، د پوډر کوټ سره د سرې ریل شوي فولادو څخه جوړ شوی.

2. د داخلي فولادو لینارډ او ګرمیټ سره د ویال مقاومت لرونکي لاسي سیټ د هینډسیټ تار لپاره اضافه امنیت چمتو کوي.

3. د ریډ سویچ سره مقناطیسي هک سویچ.

4. لوډ سپیکر د تلیفون سره وصل دی ، کله چې زنګ راشي نو لوډسپيکر به غږوي او د 1-7 غږونو وروسته به زنګ د سپیکر له لارې په اوتومات ډول وصل شي. وروسته له هغې چې د هینډسیټ غوره شي ، زنګ به د هینډسیټ له لارې وي.

5. اختیاري شور - منسوخ مایکروفون شتون لري.

6.Wall نصب ، ساده نصب.

7.Weather proof Protection class to IP65.

8. ارتباط: RJ11 د سکرو ترمینل جوړه کیبل.

9.The available colors as an option.

10. د ځان جوړ شوي تلیفون اضافي برخه شتون لري.

11.CE ، FCC ، RoHS ، ISO9001 مطابق.




- Add Horn & Lamp/Beacon on the top


- Key lockable latch


- Upper & lower internal mounting plates


- Flat label area or custom embossed logo on door


- The color could be customized.



Joiwo provide the indsutrial telephone for more than 15 years.Our product line includes explosion proof telephone, weatherproof telephone, jail phone and other vandal resistant public phone. We manufacture most of the parts of the phones by ourselves and it gives us much advantage over the cost and quality control. Our telephones are widely used in jails, schools, vessel, petroleum and oil drilling platform etc. our jail phones have also gained good reputation from our customers in USA, Europe and Middle East.



Are you looking for any  industrial  emergency industrial weatherproof telephone with horn loudspeaker  د کومې پروژې لپاره؟


نینګبو جویو سپټولوس پروف په تود ډول ستاسو پوښتنو ته ښه راغلاست ووایی ، د مسلکي R&D او کلونو تجربه لرونکو انجنیرانو سره ، موږ کولی شو ستاسو ځانګړي سوداګرۍ اړتیاو پوره کولو لپاره زموږ حل هم ګړندۍ کړو


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