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In the normal operating state of the gallery, the gallery waterproof rugged armord تليفون seems to be a dispensable device, but due to the maintenance of the various pipelines in the gallery, the maintenance of the gallery itself, and other reasons, the gallery is no coverage of cell  phone signals in the corridor. There must be a large number of professionals in the corridor outside the operation and maintenance personnel to work in the corridor. Therefore, the fixed communication system of the corridor has become the only external communication for these temporary corridor personnel. The telephone system became the communication guarantee system for them to complete their work and provide efficiency.Ningbo Joiwo have finished  a great number of project successfully  for gallery and have much experience.Let's show you the detail of Gallery phone.


First,Phone system composition:

The corridor phone is composed of a central management system deployed in the control center and an extension (or auxiliary unit) installed in the corridor. The central management system is composed of a system server, a central control unit, an operating terminal, a central control telephone and a broadcasting microphone and other hardware equipment and control software.


دوهم،Pipe gallery phone function:

1. Unlimited incoming and outgoing calls: The system can implement calls between extensions (or assistants) within the corridor, between extensions (or assistants) and the control center, or directly between extensions (or assistants) within the corridor. Establish telephone contact with outside public network users (control of communication permissions).

2. Central broadcasting function: The management personnel of the control center can publish the voice broadcasting to the extension (or auxiliary machine) through the operation terminal, and can arbitrarily select the controlled range of the broadcasting according to the needs.

3. Monitoring and permission setting: The center can monitor and set the permission for the call of any extension (or auxiliary phone). 4. Self-test and self-healing: The system has a single-fiber self-healing ring function, which can perform self-test on the fiber ring network and the extension (slave) in the link, and can heal itself. Any breakpoint does not affect the normal operation of the system.

5. Recording and playback: The system can record and play back all calls to the center and outside lines as well as calls inside the corridor.

6. Data port opening: The system can provide the information of the entire pipe gallery telephone system required by the management platform through OPC or UDP protocol, realize information sharing, and have data statistics functions to provide support for management..


دریم,Pipe gallery extension and operator فعالیت:


1. The gallery extension has ordinary telephone and broadcasting functions.

2. with hands-free function.

3. with explosion-proof function.

4. Equipped with audible and visual alarm and SOS one-button alarm device, in case of emergency, one-button can directly talk to the center.

5. Equipped with temperature and humidity sensor device, it can cooperate with the system to complete data collection and statistics upload.

6. With IP67 protection level, it can be waterproof immersed, moisture-proof and corrosion-resistant.



With the increase of the length of the corridor and the types of pipelines entering the corridor, more and more temporary corridor staff will be working in the corridor, and the dependence on the communication security system in the corridor will become stronger and stronger. The corridor telephone system is not an optional fixed-line communication, nor is it an emergency telephone dispatching system, but an important communication guarantee system related to the management and maintenance efficiency of the corridor.

Ningbo Joiwo explosionproof په صنعتي تلیفون کې تخصص لکه IP یا انلاګ تلیفون سیسټم ، د هوا پیژندونکي تلیفون ، د چاودنې پروف تلیفون ، د وینډو پروف پروف تلیفون ، لاسونه وړیا تلیفون ، عامه تلیفون او د جیل ټیلفون. موږ کولی شو د PBX سیسټم حل چمتو کړو چې د خطر لرونکي دوړو او ګاز اتموسفیرونو لپاره کارولی شي ، پیټرو کیمیکل صنعت ، تونل ، میټرو ، اورګاډی ، سرعت لاره ، سمندري ، کښتۍ ، سمندر ، کان ، د بریښنا فابریکه ، پل ، هوټل ، روغتون ، زندان.

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