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Why mobile phones can’t completely replace emergency phones?

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 نینګبو جویو د چاودنې ثبوت ټیکنالوژي شرکت ، LTD  یو تولید کونکی دی چې د 15 کلونو مسلکي مخابراتو محصول پراختیا او تولید تجربه لري. دې شرکت د یوټلیټ موډل پیټینټونو ، ظاهري بateو او سافټویر ثبتونو لوی شمیر ترلاسه کړی. نینګو جویو د واټر پروف او لندبل پروف ټیلیفونونو ، د چاودنې پروف تلیفونونه ، آی پي تلیفونونه ، صنعتي IP مخابراتي سیسټمونه ، د ځمکې لاندې پایپ دهلیز آپټیکل فایبر تلیفونونه ، غږ او ر lightا پراخه شوي خپرونې تلیفونونه ، او د لوی لارې عاجل تلیفونونو کې بوخت دي.


With the gradual popularity of mobile phones, mobile phones have indeed brought a lot of convenience to the alarm in case of accidents on expressways, but mobile phones cannot completely replace emergency phones. The main reasons are:


1. Both mobile phones and emergency phones can call the police. Both can provide emergency rescue services for highways, but each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The two complement each other and both are required. From the perspective of transmission media, a pair of wireless emergency phones is a special "special mobile phone." Therefore, there is no need to antagonize the two, let alone a "life and death" relationship.


2. According to the statistical results of random sampling of the "2005 Expressway Emergency Telephone Usage Questionnaire Survey", it is believed that more than 56% of emergency calls cannot be replaced by mobile phone alarms. As a standard formulation, random sampling statistics should be conducted many times, and direct users and managers of highways such as drivers, traffic police and highway management and maintenance personnel should be investigated.


3. The emergency phone is a dedicated communication rescue tool, which is not restricted by any conditions and is "waiting" for help at all times.


The mobile phone is a "non-dedicated" communication rescue tool, which is inevitably restricted by special conditions. For example, the mobile phone cannot make calls on the road section where radio waves are not covered;


The mobile phone signal is disturbed and cannot be heard clearly; the mobile phone is lost, damaged or out of power


In the event of an emergency, everyone will fight, and no one will get through if the passage is blocked;


Sudden traffic accident, high brain tension, unclear expression;


Or can’t find the kilometers and mileage signs, or lack the common sense of highway mileage signs and driving directions, can’t determine the direction, cannot locate the emergency telephone number; even if the call is connected, there is no one on duty or no full-time staff No direct accident acceptor can be found;


Even if the call is connected, responding according to the "computer program" may happen, delaying the best incident handling time.


4. As a special communication rescue tool, the emergency telephone has a strict duty system, including a system for receiving distress signals and voice;


Automatically locate the kilometer station number and direction of the caller;


Automatically record the El period and time of calling for help;


Automatic two-way recording, etc.;


The attendant of the emergency telephone host handles the call according to the content of the caller;


In the event of a major traffic accident, the emergency rescue plan should be activated, the command dispatch phone should be activated, the ambulance vehicle should be directed to the accident scene, the supervisor in charge should be notified, and the accident scene dynamic should be closely monitored.


The dedicated functions of the emergency telephone system mentioned above cannot be replaced by mobile phones.

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