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Внедрение Joiwo нового туннельного пункта экстренной помощи с кнопкой телефона из холоднокатаной стали домофон JWAT415

ВРЕМЯ: 2020-08-04 ХИТЫ : 13

Нинбо Джойво has developed new Tunnel emergency help point button telephone rolled steel intercom JWAT415.


This  cordless  handsfree telephone  is usually used  Tunnels, Mining, Marine, Underground, Metro Stations, Railway Platform, Highway Side, Hotels, Parking Lots, Steel Plants, Chemical Plants, Power Plants And Related Heavy Duty Industrial Application, Etc. The telephone can be analogue or VOIP, and have help point push one emergency pregrammed button.When the emergency situation happen, you could push this one button to make a auto dial call. 

This JWAT415 waterproof  telephone is  made of cold-rolled steel ,with IP66-67 defend grade ,very sturdy and hard to damage. You can place the this telephone on the wall and fixed with screw to prevent slipping. Below is the main features of JWAT415  for your reference.



1. Robust housing, constructed of rolled steel material,high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance

2. All openings and edges are cut by non-marking laser cutting, and the bending machine is used for bending.

3. The surface is waterproof and dustproof, with a built-in waterproof speaker.

4. The built-in circuit of the phone has strong anti-interference ability, and the call sound quality is stable and clear.

5. Push one button emergency call button.

Are you looking for  rugged industrial  weatherproof handsfree speaker phone внутренняя связь for any project ?

Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof тепло приветствует ваш запрос, благодаря профессиональным исследованиям и разработкам и многолетним опытным инженерам мы также можем адаптировать наше решение для удовлетворения конкретных потребностей вашего бизнеса.

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