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Ningbo Joiwo SOS emergency intercom can be used for the help point intercom system.

ВРЕМЯ: 2021-10-26 ХИТЫ : 3

Нинбо Джойво range of Help Point Units  are user-friendly, reliable, robust IP call points, specifically designed for environments where public safety is important. As a subsystem of the IP Communications System, our IP  system can be expanded to include products from our audio and video intercom or public address systems.


Joiwo’s offer simple calling should help or assistance be required. Available with emergency or dual emergency and information buttons, the units are ideally suited to public safety applications where assistance may be required in addition to emergency calling. On board configurable relays can be utilised to control lighting, duress alarms, CCTV or gate controls common within public safety and transport environments.


Help Point SOS emergency telephone Голос селекторной can easily be integrated into existing, shared or dedicated networks and connect directly into any Ethernet port. Units can automatically dial any master station on the network or be directed to a SIP enabled device/telephone system.

Ningbo Joiwo  Voice intercom can be used for the emergency help point intercom system. The panel is made of stainless steel and electrophoresed with a smooth surface and color. Voice intercom adopts embedded or wall mounted installation, with ip and analog versions.


We can customize the voice intercom according to the user, add buttons to the panel, or add other requirements such as Braille,volume control,repeat,etc.If you need ,we also can provide the voip intercom with camera. 

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