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Что такое система внутренней связи Campus?

ВРЕМЯ: 2020-06-30 ХИТЫ : 18

According to the school's construction goals for a safe campus, a digital campus, and a smart campus, the school's видео домофон broadcasting system has the following needs in the school. In the school's teaching building, comprehensive office building, laboratory building, etc., the majority of teachers and students encounter emergencies , You can use the visual intercom terminal to ask the staff on duty for intercom, and you can view the information published by the school at any time, and you can connect with the campus monitoring system to control and manage on the campus comprehensive management platform.


Achieve effect:

1.Multi-level management


According to the requirements of the school's video intercom broadcasting system, follow the system structure and management ideas with clear responsibilities, collaborative management, and step-by-step supervision, which can be set through the school-grade-class level.


2.Two-way video intercom


School visual docking terminal. When the teachers and students of the school encounter an emergency, press the call alarm button, the management control room can see the surrounding situation of the visual intercom terminal through the IP network visual console, and realize the visual two-way speak.


3. Monitoring function


When the authority permits, the monitoring center can monitor the situation around the video intercom terminal.


4. Multi-party calling


Support full-duplex hands-free calling (with howling suppression and echo cancellation), clear and stable voice. Multi-party calls are subdivided into conference mode, command mode, and answer mode, making it easier to dispatch communications.


5. Audio and video functions


When the school management center staff broadcasts or talks, the system server can automatically record the broadcast content or the content of the two parties' speeches, and the audio and video files are automatically saved on the server for subsequent reference.


6.Broadcast, mission, music


The school center (sub-control room) can perform whole-area broadcasting, district broadcasting, regular broadcasting, and fire-fighting broadcasting to its area (teaching building, office building, etc.); the broadcasting method supports file broadcasting, shouting broadcasting, and external audio source broadcasting.


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