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Kenalkeun opat tautan kualitas keyboard logam industri

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The industrial metal keyboard is a kind of industrial keyboard. Compared with other industrial keyboards, the industrial metal keyboard can be used in harsh environments, and has an electronic lock function, which can prevent illegal input. The industrial metal keyboard is fully enclosed with silicone technology, which makes the keyboard waterproof. These properties of the metal keyboard ensure that it is widely used in high-end self-service equipment such as finance, communications, military, industrial control, petrochemical, and railway.

Industrial metal keyboards are becoming more and more popular on the market, as a customer how to distinguish the quality of metal keyboards.

1, Carefully observe the keyboard work

The surface of a good quality metal keyboard is generally exquisitely crafted, and the touch of the fingers is relatively smooth, but the number on each metal button has a concave and convex feeling, which are all laser-engraved by a professional machine. Some metal buttons are printed directly with ink, which requires the attention of the customer. Because the metal keyboard will not last long, the mark on the button will soon fade away, affecting the appearance.

2, The appearance of industrial metal keyboard

The metal keyboard not only satisfies the customer's function, but also conforms to the customer's taste in appearance, so that it can attract more customers, and the people who work can have a comfortable experience and increase the work efficiency.

3, the feel of the metal keyboard

The feel of the keyboard is good. The button is evenly stressed, the keystroke is moderate, and the buttons cannot be loosened. These can meet the needs of users.

4, the noise of the metal keyboard

The noise emitted by the metal keyboard should not be too large. If the noise is too large, it will interfere with the rest or working mental state of others, causing discomfort to others. Therefore, the metal keyboard with low noise will be favored by the majority of users.

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