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Our JWAT137 Wall Mounted Vandal-Proof Telephone With Volume control was installed at France

TID: 2021-04-21 HITS: 3

Our JWAT137  Fängelsetelefon Retro Handset Jail Phone Industrial Rugged Prison Telephone was installed at France

The France client installed our Rugged Prison Telephone  at  jail och  Vi får bra feedback från våra kunder.


Our Industrial Rugged Prison Telephone JWAT137 are built rugged, tough, and dependable to last in the  industrial conditions in the world.This telephone  is made of stainless steel, with high mechanical strength and strong impact resistance. with volume control,  meet the ADA requirement and perfectly meet the needs of customers.We know the prison situation need vandal proof telephone ,so it usually equipped  with strong handset cord  which  could afford the pull 130N.


Ningbo Joiwo provide the telephone project service..Are you looking for any industrial vandal proof jail phone  for any project ?


Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof välkomnar varmt din förfrågan, med professionell FoU och år av erfarna ingenjörer, vi kan också skräddarsy vår lösning för att möta dina specifika affärsbehov

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