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เวลา: 2020-11-12 ฮิต: 20

จว. 307 (2)The future trend : combination of sound and  beacon telephones and smart homes

In the foreseeable future, acousto-optic telephones ( telephones with beacon and loudspeaker )will add more smart home functions, integrating security, home appliance control, information services, and entertainment. Then the acousto-optic telephone system will undergo qualitative changes. Both It will blend more closely.


Different from the pure imitation system, the acousto-optic telephone system uses low-cost imitation equipment in the unit, and the backbone network uses the digital TCP/IP protocol based on Ethernet for networking. The sound and light telephone system was one of the most economical and useful ways to deal with large-scale community networking at that time.


The network topology of large communities has great freedom, network adjustment is very convenient, and the cost is reasonable, the function is stable, and the protection is simple. Therefore, the sound and light telephone system has been developed quickly. The acousto-optic telephone set network method was the most economical and practical engineering solution at that time.


In the short term, it will be the first choice for the acousto-optic telephone networking system in large communities. It handles the problems of long-distance transmission and imitating network channel blockage constraints, and obtains better audio and video effects. Compared with pure digital systems and imitating systems, this method has a significant price advantage; and this network structure is convenient for smooth expansion , The networking function is stable.


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