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Рішення для телефонного зв’язку промислового водонепроникного типу

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Unlike other telephones,weatherproof telephones are all need to meet the solution of harsh та  complex environments.

In harsh environment, the stability and reliability of communication equipment have become the focus of attention. In the background of this issue, a new type of ourdoor telephone that with excellent performance and excellent protection capabilities, it provides people with stable and efficient communication guarantees in bad weather.


The solution of weatherproof telephone комунікацію:

1. Advanced waterproof and dustproof technology

Able to work properly in extreme weather conditions. The body is made of high-strength materials, and its waterproof performance reaches IP67 level, which can ensure the integrity of the internal circuits and components of the phone in humid or heavy rain environments.


2. Impact-proof design

It has excellent impact resistance and can remain intact even in harsh environments such as violent storms or sandstorms.


3. області застосування

It plays a vital role in outdoor operations, emergency rescue, rescue and disaster relief and other fields. For example, in severe weather such as typhoons and heavy rains, it can ensure that rescuers maintain smooth communication with the outside world and provide strong support for emergency rescue and disaster relief. The phone is suitable for use in environments such as subways, highways, power plants, oil stations, mines, docks, steel companies, tunnels, cold storage, and other large-scale projects that have special requirements for moisture, fire, noise, dust, freezing, and destructiveness.


Joiwo weatherproof emergency telephone not only have strong protective capabilities, but also havea variety of practical functions. It can meet users' communication needs in various scenarios. In addition, some phones are equipped with high-definition voice calling functions, which can clearly transmit sounds in noisy environments and ensure call quality.

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