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Телефонний домофон гучного зв’язку, який використовується в телесеріалі «Зловісні істоти»

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The handsfree telephone door phone used in TV  ’’ Sinister Beings’’


At present , A TV  ’’ Sinister Beings’’ is popular in the China and abroad.

TV crime and gangster series is always topics in focus.I like this kind TVB series from my children.


The detail  summary as below :


Hui Chun-sum (Ruco Chan) is an elite OCTB officer. He is fearless and competent. His boss thinks highly of him, and his colleagues really admire him. But his ultimate dream is to join SDU. Another elite OCTB officer Shum Wai-lik (Ben Wong) has a shrewd mind and extensive experience. Although the duo have different approaches, but they are like-minded and ideally complement each other. Police suffer heavy casualties as they are ambushed by thugs. To catch the culprit, Chun-sum forgets his dream and stays with OCTB. Moreover, Chun-sum and Wai-lik are faced with successive nasty cases that are tortuous, surreptitious, tricky and baffling. The duo use reverse thinking, psychological game theory and meticulous analysis to decipher the criminals’ thoughts and motives. No crook can escape the long arm of the law!


At the same time, With the improvement of living conditions and security awareness, many villas have installed the emergency door phone.


Video RFID домофон is the most widely used access control system in residential apartments. The access control system can use an RFID card to control access to the access control, and can also use the keyboard on the access control to enter a password for access control.We specializing in the production and sales of Stainless steel sip doorphone audio intercom with RFID card support password to open the door for home security.


Stainless steel material with IP66 vandal resistant and waterproof protection class.Support standard Session Initiation Protocol(SIP), RFC 3261

With Supper good sound clarity during conversation and simple installation.


Ningbo Joiwo is specializied in the industrial telephone for more than 15 years. Ningbo Joiwo provide this kinds of  industrial emergency door phone handsfree speakerphone project service.


Ви шукаєте промисловий телефон екстреної допомоги для будь-якого проекту?


Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof  щиро вітає ваш запит, завдяки професійним дослідженням і розробкам і рокам досвідчених інженерів, ми також можемо налаштувати наше рішення відповідно до ваших конкретних бізнес-потреб.

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