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IXESHA: 2020-05-25 I-HITS: 80

1. Emergency telephone users can directly communicate with the operator of the emergency telephone console, push-to-talk (tunnel telephone).

2. After the user presses the extension button, the extension can automatically make a call to the console host of the monitoring center, and transmit the basic information such as the local kilometer mark and the upstream and downstream directions.

3. Each emergency telephone has a unique address code for uploading to the control center, determining the location of the call and receiving the call and testing.

4. After the console attendant answers, he can establish full-duplex conversation in time.

5. The console can talk with any 2 emergency telephone extensions at the same time.

6. Able to accept the detection command issued by the console host, timely check the extension and send the detection results to the console host.

7. The failure or damage of any one or more emergency phones should not affect the conversation between other emergency phones and the console.

8. The extension can automatically issue a voice prompt when calling, and report the system working status.

9. Able to accept various calls from the console host and automatically release the circuit after the console hangs up.

10. The voice is clear during the call, the voice is loud, and there is no feedback howling.

11. When the extension is damaged (for example, the door is opened illegally) or the battery is under voltage, the line is faulty, etc., the extension can automatically send an alarm message to the console host.

12. Can automatically enter the working state of call and standby to reduce power consumption.

13. Using solar power supply, energy saving and environmental protection.

14. The extension has adopted a variety of lightning protection measures, with good lightning protection effect.

15. Broadcast power amplifier communication, can turn on and off the broadcast power amplifier, and can output audio signals to the broadcast power amplifier.

16. The extension is equipped with high-strength imported reflective film luminous signs in the direction of welcome and delivery, and the logo pattern and color comply with national standards.

17. The main circuit inside the system control host adopts "hot standby" structure design, the main circuit works when the system is normal, and the standby circuit automatically starts working when the main circuit fails. Using the standby circuit, the system can provide two connection channels at the same time, ensuring that the console can talk to two different roadside extensions at the same time.

18. The system is equipped with lightning protection. The main unit, extension system and the inlet and outlet of each amplifier load area must be connected to the lightning protection terminal to prevent the surge caused by lightning induction on the main unit, extension and each loudspeaker Of destruction.

19. The system is equipped with over- and under-voltage protection. The voltage should be automatically monitored after the device is turned on. If the battery is dead or the voltage is insufficient, the computer in the monitoring center will immediately alarm.

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