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Amava kaNingbo "5G + Smart Port" anempembelelo kwihlabathi liphela

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Ningbo Port


    Smart gantry crane with 7 millisecond delay, unmanned 5G trucks, tally system that automatically identifies damaged cabinets...a item of "black technology" promotes the continuous advancement of the "5G + smart port" construction of Ningbo Port, and has industry influence constantly improving. Ningbo Joiwo are specializied in industrial telephone like umnxeba wemozulu, emergency telephone,intercom and so on. Every year, we will export many containers through the Ningbo Port to our customers' countries.We have witnessed the continuous development of Ningbo Port, and the advancement of technology make our shipments more convenient.


    Yesterday, China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd. held a 5G Smart Port and Shipping Ecological Cooperation Conference in Ningbo to promote the smart development experience and practices of Ningbo Zhoushan Port to port units in more than 20 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, including Shanghai, Guangdong, and Tianjin.

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   "Smart port" is one of the key areas for 5G to empower thousands of industries. As the world's largest port in terms of cargo throughput for 11 consecutive years and the world's third largest container throughput, Ningbo Zhoushan Port has cooperated with China Mobile early to start the construction of "5G + Smart Port".



     In March 2018, Ningbo Port completed the country’s first 5G port base station. In May of this year, it signed the "5G + Smart Port Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with China Mobile, Huawei, and Zhenhua Heavy Industry to create 5G auxiliary berthing, 5G Five smart application scenarios are smart tally, 5G truck unmanned driving, 5G tire-type gantry crane remote control, and 5G port area 360-degree integrated scheduling.


  A set of data supports the staged results of the construction. At present, 5G tire-type gantry crane remote control has achieved large-scale application, 6 sets of equipment have been put into production, the scale ranks first in the country, operation labor costs have been reduced by more than 50%, and equipment transformation costs have been saved by more than 20%. The 5G+ Beidou reference station has also been successfully completed, which can upgrade ordinary trucks to 5G unmanned trucks and build an end-to-end collaborative network. After the promotion of this technology, truck transportation efficiency in the port area is expected to increase by more than 40%, saving labor costs by more than 50%.


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"Ningbo is indeed at the forefront of the construction of '5G + Smart Port'! Fast speed, many results, and the feasibility of replication and promotion." At the meeting, relevant persons in charge of ports such as Tianjin Port, Taicang Port, Rizhao Port gave their praises .


The relevant person in charge of China Mobile also said that in recent years, the series of explorations and innovations carried out by Ningbo Zhoushan Port have not only provided valuable experience for the development of global smart ports, but also provided guidance for other vertical industries on how to “build and use 5G well”.


  How to promote the "5G + smart port" construction experience of Ningbo Zhoushan Port to the whole country? China Mobile released the 5G smart port and shipping ecological cooperation "Thousand Sails Plan" and China Mobile's 5G smart port platform in Ningbo. It plans to build the first 5G platform in the port and shipping industry, and cooperate with major ports across the country to achieve network upgrades, platform upgrades, application upgrades, and models Upgrade and ecological upgrade, create 10 world-leading 5G smart port navigation benchmarks, replicate 100 high-quality 5G smart ports, and cover 1,000 kilometers of 5G smart waterways in key waters.


    "Smart ports" are an important foundation for the high-quality development of ports. After the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, my country’s coastal ports and inland river ports have accelerated the construction of smart ports. As a new generation of information infrastructure, 5G will effectively enhance the dimensions of smart port construction and enable smart ports The connotation is richer.” said Ding Li, secretary general of the China Ports Association.

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