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Umnxeba ongxamisekileyo wokhenketho wokhenketho


Every holiday, the number of tourists increases. In order to ensure the safety of tourists, many scenic spots have installed  emergency telephones  kwiindawo ngeendawo.

      The  scenic area helpline telephone  is a special telephone set up in the tourist area to facilitate tourists who need emergency help during travel.

      phone function:

      1. Emergency help: Visitors can immediately seek help from the scenic spot service center through the emergency button on any phone terminal.


      2. Quick positioning: Each terminal is assigned a number. When any terminal makes a call, the service center can immediately determine the location of the incident.

      3. Broadcasting for searching for people: In densely populated areas, the tourist helpline system can integrate the broadcasting function. Visitors can call the broadcast host on a dedicated searcher, or the dispatch room staff can call the broadcast host, and the high-power speaker of the broadcast host broadcasts the search for people to the scene.


      4. Monitoring: In the monitoring area, as long as someone makes a call according to the help phone number, the help phone will send a trigger signal to the central video surveillance system, and the video surveillance system in the dispatch room will automatically switch the screen to the help phone area.

      5. Emergency reporting: Install emergency telephone terminals in cliffs, valleys, deep forests and other environments. When encountering a sudden disaster, they will call the police immediately.

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