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The difference between intrinsically safe and explosion-proof enclosures

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The difference between intrinsically safe and explosion-proof enclosures

In hazardous areas such asnuclear power plants, chemical plants and oil refineries, a small spark is enough to start a fire or even explode.


In order to ensure the smooth communication and safety of the staff to the greatest extent, these locations need to install special communication equipment. This special equipment is divided into two categories, namely: intrinsically safe andUbungqina bokudubula.


Ngokukhuselekileyo ngaphakathi


lThe housing is made of standard lightweight materials, which is easy to install.


lIzincedisi ezitshiphu


lIf calibration or maintenance is required, there is no need to disconnect the power supply.


lIt can be maintained by any qualified person.


lThis method does not require precise wiring methods.


Limitations of Intrinsically Safe Technology:


lIt is only best suited for devices that run on very low power consumption.


lCannot accommodate any explosion or withstand harsh environmental conditions.


lIt is limited to the types of sensors that can be used.


Ubungqina bokudubula:


  It's designed in such a way that it can withstand an explosion in a confined area. This requires the construction of the enclosure to be made of heavy materials capable of blasting.



Its design principles:


lThe housing must be strong.


lIt must be able to withstand an explosion.


lServicing of these devices should only be done by trained personnel using proper tools.


lThe most commonly used metals are cast aluminum and steel.



Limitations of explosion-proof technology:


lThe stainless steel or aluminum used to make the housing is expensive.


lDue to the heavy weight of the phone body, problems may arise during system installation.


lThe mechanical integrity of the system determines the degree of safety of the system. Safety can be compromised if inspections are not carried out at the stipulated time.


lImplementation of any system changes is difficult.


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