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The feature of mining production and Joiwo’s telephone

IXESHA: 2019-07-19 I-HITS: 62

Due to the fact that coal mining work are processed under ground,there are dozens of problems remaining:1.Bad working environment(near working area,lack of illumination,humid,corrosive)2.unsafe factors(under the threat of water fire and gas and roof).3.Mobility of workforce and facility.From the aspect of production process,we can find out that there is a feature that underground working is a multi-type combined flow line operation.Therefore it is quiet normal that it involves with large-size machine.The shipment assembling and debugging requirements are highly demanded.The transmitting of information has to be quick and precise.At the same time,the management department,production on the grond need to equipped with capability of other normal factory production.As a result,the telecommunication in mining should ensure safe production under ground also satisfy the needs on the ground for production controlling and management.

We Joiwo have such a industrial telephone support safe production for mining,it is JWAT303 with loud-speaker and beacon for transmitting information effective and in time.It added a safe protection of mining production.

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