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Yeyiphi imisebenzi kunye noncedo lweetheminali zekhiyoski?

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Yeyiphi imisebenzi kunye noncedo lweetheminali zekhiyoski?


Over time, with the continuous development of technology, people's demand is constantly changing. From an experience point of view, high-quality service means friendliness. kiosk terminals rely on technical advantages and understanding of customers' own needs to provide customers with a strategy of efficient experience to add kiosk terminals. The following is the kiosk function and advantages summarized by Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof  ngenxa yakho yesalathisi.



 What are the functions of  kiosk terminals?


1.kiosk terminals are mainly used to alleviate the problem of large crowds in business halls and increase the speed of business processing. They are mainly used in banking, telecommunications, electric power, medical, aviation, retail and other industries.


2. The  kiosk terminals is based on the system design concept of "24-hour self-service", which can alleviate the problem of excessive traffic in traditional business halls, make up for the shortcomings of the original business hours, avoid the troubles of customers handling business in the business hall, and make customers feel Easy, convenient and considerate service. The  kiosk terminals of the business hall is an extension and supplement to the service of the business hall.


3. Users in the financial industry can perform account inquiries, self-service transfers, statement printing, re-posting, and self-service loss reporting services; users in the communications industry can perform self-service mobile phone shutdown (recovery) and phone bill inquiries by entering their phone number through the terminal Printing, payment, invoice printing, caller ID, GPRS and other basic services are opened and closed; you can also purchase mobile phone cards and password recharge receipts.


4. Value-added development, and other value-added services such as commodity purchases can also be realized through supporting equipment. The equipment has the advantages of saving personnel expenses, reducing operating costs, continuous working for 24 hours, and error-free operation. It can be placed in public places such as telecommunications business halls, toll collection points, stations, terminals, airports, large shopping malls, etc.



 What are the advantages of  kiosk terminals ?


1. Attract more customers: The self-service function of self-service terminals can not only improve the efficiency of customers' work, but may also attract more customers to consume.


2. Satisfying customer needs: The benefit of  kiosk  is that customers need them. Consumers like the efficient payment process of self-checkout, and most people want to experience more self-service. Meet the different needs of customers through the self-service of self-service terminals.


3. Reduce customer waiting time: Waiting in line is a negative experience for retail store customers. After waiting for a long time, customers will be more dissatisfied. Through  kiosk terminals, customers can go from dissatisfaction to satisfaction.


4.Reduce indirect costs: The advantage of  kiosk terminals  self-service for some small businesses is that when you provide self-checkout, you don’t need so many cashiers. You usually need someone to monitor the self-service terminal and assist in solving machine problems or customer questions. However, you only need one employee to manage four or six machines. You can use the money you save to invest in other services or business development projects.


The above are the functions and advantages of kiosk terminals introduced to you by Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof.  Ningbo Joiwo Explosionproof have many years providing telecom solution. We are specialized in kiosk telephone,Explosionproof/Weatherproof telephone,vandal proof telephone, intercom, public phone,jail phone,etc.Our stainless steel phone could be installed into the kiosk machine by flush mounted.


 If you want to know more kiosk phone information, please come to our site to visit and exchange.



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